On Mountain Dining at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort

Jackson Hole Mountain Resort is named after Jackson Hole valley and is located in Teton Village, Wyoming. It is a ski resort and offers numerous on mountain dining options. Up in the mountain skiing and being able to stop for a quick bite is an advantage for many skiers as they may not want to hit the base just yet. A good meal after skiing is important for the body.

Couloir Restaurant

The Couloir Restaurant is in the Rendezvous Lodge which is at the peak of Bridger Gondola. The restaurant serves an American cuisine fused with Rocky Mountain roots. Since the restaurant is located on the mountain, there will also be breath-taking.

Top of the World Waffles

This is the spot in Jackson Hole to enjoy some of the best waffles with custom toppings such as Nutella, peanut butter and bacon and brown sugar butter along with snow cones, snacks, tram souvenirs and hot and cold drinks. The eatery is located at the top of Rendezvous Peak in Corbet’s Cabin.

Jackson Hole General Store

This is one of the most casual laid back location to eat on the mountains in Jackson Hole. The store offers ice cream, gourmet hot chocolate, milkshakes, hand spun smoothies, malts, sundries, liquor, wine, beer and coffee. There are also souvenirs in the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort.

Nick Wilson’s Cowboy Café

Nick Wilson’s is another casual dining experience and is located at the base of the aerial tram of the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort. The café is also a local favourite and serves up shared plates après menu and home-made pizza.

Tin Can Cantina

This is a food truck version in Jackson Hole ski resort and usually only operated in the summertime.The Tin Can Cantina is located at the base of the Bridger Gondola and is perfect for a quick bite before or after hiking or mountain biking.

Casper Restaurant

Casper restaurant only operates in the winter and is a perfect quick stop location on the mountain. The restaurant is a fusion between self-serve and dining menu.

The Deck

The Deck only operates in summer and is home to one of the most amazing views in Jackson Hole. The Alfresco kitchen offers shared plates and a menu of appetizers and this is complimented with nightly drink specials.

Café 6311

This café is only operated in the winter and features specialty baked potatoes, designer wraps, espresso, hot toasted bagels and coffee. This café is also one of the more casual offerings in Jackson Hole.

Regardless of taste and budget the on mountain dining options for the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort are numerous. Fine dining in Jackson Hole is an unforgettable experience as it is enhanced by the beautiful views all around. Jackson Hole offers a unique combination of on mountain dining and so it all depends on what someone is in the mood for. All the restaurants/cafes do offer spectacular views to go with a one of a kind dining experience on a mountain.

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Jackson Hole – Challenging The Skiers

Canadian mountain ranges are very popular for their steep peaks, chutes, mountain cliffs, and the terrain much similar to the Jackson Hole of Wyoming.The downtown Jackson Hole hotels are very popular among the most of the resorts in and around the area. This is located around 12 miles North West near the Jackson valley which is very popular for its well known steep terrain as well the most steepest drops in the world.

Details of the mountains

Jackson Hole Mountains are highly reputed for their biggest ranges of mountains. They have the highest vertical drop of over 4000 sqft. The terrain ranges over 2500 acres with over 100 skiing trails. Besides this, the terrain extends over 3000 acres in the back country. The resort in high altitude areas offer fine dining Jackson WY is quite popular for plenty of snow along the Terrain Mountains and the stats prove that in 10 years the snow density is the highest.

Levels of expertise

Depending upon various levels of expertise – whether you are a beginner or an expert, Jackson hole offers great challenge for the skiing enthusiasts. This really does not mean that it is not suitable for novice skiing enthusiasts. However, depending upon your level of expertise you can go for skiing – where in 10% of the mountain is suitable for just the beginners where as 40% of the mountain is suitable for the intermediate skiing enthusiasts. The green circle region is suitable for beginners as they are slow skiing areas. Various Jackson Hole accommodations offer good quality stay and food for the tourists.more latest information found at http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/france/11428409/Five-skiers-die-in-avalanches-in-Swiss-and-French-Alps.html


As in many other skiing resorts, lifts are available here at Jackson hole skiing area. Each lift has the capacity of carrying 16,700 tourists per hour and each can carry about 100 people at a time in their trams. The skiers can travel to the high altitude mountain areas for skiing and can continue their adventurous activities. Many accommodations in this area offer fine dining in Jackson WY area.


Free style terrain are very popular in the Jackson hole areas. If you are a free style skier or a snow boarder, then this area is the best location for skiing. Besides adventures, you can also find ample number of Jackson Hole accommodations in and around the skiing area. This para gliding area is available for skiing, flying and various adventurous lessons. This area offers even more than just skiing and snowboarding. The downhill skiing is very popular in this area and tourists find it very thrilling. You can buy or rent the equipment and take learning lessons on the spot and enjoy skiing at Jackson hole skiing area.

The Skiers

If you are an enthusiast preferring to do adventurous way, then Jackson Hole skiing is the best for you. This is the most appealing area for challenge loving skiing enthusiasts. The resorts around this location offer fine dining in Jackson WY, the Resort Property Management attribute to this fine dining. Jackson Hole has that wold famous terrain for skiing which is very amazing and attractive. Many resorts offer excellent packages to the skiing enthusiasts. Make sure you reach them out before you visit the place.

5 Reasons to Take a High Altitude Ski Break in Canada

Being one of the largest country, Canada hosts a lot of adventurous sports including skiing during winters and offers the top class resorts including but not limited to Mont Tremblant accommodations.

Canada is very popular for its rocky mountains, plenty of snow, wide coastal lines, and much more. The heli-skiing is one of the best adventures if you visit Canada for skiing and it is never to be missed.

Laurentian ranges are most popular because of their great snowing areas and hence most of the resorts are highly competitive and offer great packages to the skiing enthusiasts.

Below are the 5 reasons why you should take a high altitude ski break in Canada

1. High altitude is spectacular

Mountain ranges in Canada are beautiful and spectacular as compared to the other mountain ranges. The Alpines are the best of its kind and have great resorts like Whistler accommodations. Though Canadian mountains start at lower altitude, the ranges are quite higher than the American mountains because of which they have higher vertical drop and look much bigger than the American mountains. View from such a high altitude is amazing and so is the downtown Jackson Hole hotel in Wyoming as another great american tourist destination.

2. Heavy snow

If you are one of those lovers of heavy snow, and skiing in those snow laden areas, then you should select Canadian mountains. These mountains have the highest range of snowfall and are very good for snowing enthusiasts. Besides this they have nearby resorts like Whistler accommodations which can offer high quality services to the skiing enthusiasts.

3. Safer

If you ski in high altitude mountains, then the snow density is much higher in this area. This makes it very evident that you are much safer to ski whether you are a beginner or an expert. Because of this, it is always safe to ski in high altitude areas where it is low risk of getting hurt. Resorts like Mont Tremblant accommodations offer quality advice to the tourists and guests.

4. High altitudes have well developed glaciers

Glaciers which offer heavy snow are available mainly at pretty high altitudes. This makes the tourists and skiing enthusiasts enjoy their skiing to the fullest extent. Whistler accommodations are available at all the major snowing areas to help people get the superior quality accommodations and other facilities they need for their skiing adventures. Such accommodations include Whistler Premier.

5. You can go skiing anytime of the snowing season

Ski Break

Generally low altitude areas have lesser snow in off seasons. As compared to this it is always better to select those high altitude areas for skiing. Hence people select high density snowing areas like the high altitude areas and this is highly recommended by the resorts and offer excellent accommodation from Mont Tremblant accommodations.check more accommodations at their official website.

Best thing about skiing in Canada is that you can ski around any of the 10 Canadian provinces. However the best skiing resorts like Mont Tremblant accommodations including the other Canadian ski resorts in the British Columbia, Quebec and many others. The wide ranges of Canadian mountains are very attractive and visitors love the skiing and other snow sports in these ranges and sub ranges. Check out more ways to enjoy Quebec skiing through Tremblant Sunstar.

Why Ski Fanatics Love Canada

If you love skiing especially when the summer is nearing, then this post is for you. Many families plan their skiing holidays right before summer arises and Canada is the best place to get your desires fulfilled. Forget all your worries when you book your holidays at Whistler accommodations. Generally ski lovers like to visit in the month of mid winter.visit my latest blog post at http://www.centuryhousecottages.com/skiing-holiday-ideas-for-half-term/ for more information.

What is so special about Canadian skiing?

Canada has ample number of resorts and beautiful places to visit and ski around in winter. Because of this reason, Canada has become a very popular place to visit and ski during your vacations. There are a lot of skiing resorts and high quality snow even in the mid winter and end of winter which makes the most enjoyable experience for everyone.

As the resorts are located in heavily snowing areas, there is no artificial snow in these areas of Mont Tremblant accommodations. Besides that Canada has awesome slopes because of which most skiers love to sport in those mountains. The resorts offer the best skiing experience with top class accommodation and food through Tremblant Sunstar.

Canada skiing

Skiing at Mont Tremblant accommodations and many other nearby resorts offer excellent amenities to the guests including great packages for adventures and skiing. Canada is a massive country and hence can offer superior quality service to the skiing aspirants. If you are looking for a fresh crisp snow, then West Canada is a great place for skiing during winter. As the weather is also fully cooperative with the skiing enthusiasts, many tourists prefer to book resorts in the Western and fewer at the Eastern parts of Canada.

What kind of skiing is available?

Skiing enthusiasts can enjoy fresh snow, excellent scenery, skiing learning lessons for the beginners, advanced and expert levels, and lots of fresh snow. Whistler accommodations offers excellent packages for skiing enthusiasts. However, you can be swamped with ample number of resorts as the area is completely filled with lot of competitive accommodations and skiing resorts.

How safe is it?

Having optimal elevation and heavy snowing areas, Canada has made its popularity in the world records. Mont Tremblant accommodations and many other nearby resorts enforce high safety and security for the first time skiing enthusiasts and also the experts. Everyone needs to follow the rules of safety to make sure that they do not get hurt or put their lives in danger due to any kind of activities. They take complete responsibility of ensuring your safety even in case of accidents which are unpredictable. There may be cases where there is heavy snow storm and cold due to Arctic weather conditions. But you do not worry about this at all – most of the resorts take excellent care and ensure your safety at the right time.read latest news at this link.

Ski Fanatics Love Canada

With lot of competitors like Whistler accommodations and many other skiing resorts, there is a high chance of getting great bargains from the skiing resorts. You just need to make some research and great effort. Your entire family or group of friends can have an awesome holiday with the skiing resorts in Canada. As the area is specialized only for skiing, you can find ample number of opportunities for skiing lovers.

Skiing Holiday Ideas For Half-Term

Are you thinking of skiing holiday during half term? That is a great idea if you do so. It is always cheap to select skiing during half term as the tickets are available for 2 to 11 year old children. Many skiing resorts like Whistler accommodations offer excellent discounts and offers during half-term which is an excellent time to relax, do something adventurous and feel homely during your holidays. Half a term holidays may be treated different in different parts of the world. Make sure to check back with your children’s school schedule before booking for half term skiing trips. Look to Tremblant Sunstar for a good starting point when building your vacation for your family.

When is the best time?

February is the best time of the year for going on a skiing holiday with your family. However, you cannot anticipate cheap tickets during this time. You can find various skiing resorts including Mont Tremblant accommodations offering budget skiing packages with excellent child care. You may need to book and plan your skiing holidays well in advance. Well, it is quite difficult to say when is it best time to plan your half term holidays. Depending upon the weather you can select various activities in and around your skiing resort. Adventurous and active families can select more thrilling skiing adventures during the month of February half term.

Choose the perfect skiing resort

Regardless of your age and experience in skiing, do consider choosing a skiing resort for your family which is a great combination of multiple features like nursery slopes, sleigh rides, black runs, and much more. Make sure you choose a resort which offers adventures for your entire family with all age group. Whistler accommodations offer amazing deals and discounts and seasonal packages for your entire family, group discounts if you go in teams and many other special occasion discounts. Make sure to check with them before you book elsewhere.

So what are your options?

There are plenty of options you can choose from when you spend your skiing holidays during half term. Mont Tremblant accommodations offers all the chalets in USA that you ever want to spend your half term skiing holiday. Our family friendly resort offers superior quality suits under budget. Most of the offers allow you to get your children between 2 to 11 years of age for free. Isn’t that an amazing deal?checkout more related information at this website.

Checks back our resort website and office regularly for great deals. Some of the resorts offer dog sledging, sleigh rides, snow mobile tours and much more. Self catering options are also available in case you prefer privacy in your group and family. Most tourists prefer English speaking skiing instructors, nursery slopes and steam boat for a perfect skiing holiday during half term.

Skiing Holiday

With various options available with you, Whistler accommodations help you to select your best holiday options during the half term holidays. Whether it comes to accommodation, or adventurous activities, we offer awesome support for you and your family and strive hard to make your holiday the most enjoyable one. Besides this, most of the resorts are family friendly and offer family friendly skiing for the break.